Application Form: UN – Internship Program Spring 2010

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m Rafael Antonio Blanco, I am twenty five years old. This is the third time I´m submitting my application form for the Internship Program in New York City. I am under-graduated in philosophy at the University of São Paulo, one of the best University in Brazil.
Portuguese is my native language, but I also speak a good English and intermediate German, French and Spanish.
In the end of this text there´s a “epic poem” which tries to make sense of how important it is to connect my name to the United Nations. In my opinion only a poem has this power. Before that I want to do a short exposition of the intellectual history of my life in general:
My first school was ultra-catholic in the city of São Carlos in São Paulo State. When I was seventeen I started studying mathematics at the University of São Paulo. One year later I changed my course to Civil Engineering in another city. Since then I started to read Friedrich Nietzsche. In several of his texts, he taught to search individual authenticity. The Nietzsche’s philosophy brought me to the course of philosophy.
At the same time, I found the American philosopher Richard Rorty, another important discovery. Rorty divides the self in two different sides: the search for individual authenticity in one hand and pursue of social justice in the other hand. Rorty also postulates that the holy must be found in the possibility of a future equitable society.
Finally, I found the life and the legacy of the most graduated brazilian man in the international society: Sérgio Vieira de Mello.
His life and thoughts appeared to me like the confluence of the ideal of individual authenticity and the concretization of the highest ideal of social justice: The United Nations.
Since this, I want to join at the corpus of the UN.
“My many men and women, shouting reverberating of me, modes of being that I engrafted and dramatics gods. I invoke you. I want you to strike each other, you should give hands and go outside to play, you should feel the sorrow, but under my command. Which one of you is the strongest? Do you want to discourse fundamental questions, want to nourish other human beings? Do you want to spread the security between the nations? You see in one institution the force of thousands of suns.
If you desire so much why don’t you explode the limitations, why don’t you intonate prophetical verbs in ancient languages, why don’t you persuade the national leaders, why don’t you add decisive commas in the human rights?
If I have the conscience of the plural I am, why don’t I invade with my army all the political areas?
Do I have enough theoretical power? Is my pen as heavy as I think it is? Is my body and mind well prepared for the dramatic moment? I assume my political ideals, and all of them converge for the power I see in the United Nations.
To achieve those I need all kinds of excess. I also need all the projects of human beings which I have encountered in my life and infinite others which I will reach. The poor family in the small city, the poet, the children, all of them. I already have the memories of the places, the ancient cultures and love. Because of this I’m happy and strong I will achieve my goal. I’ll never cease to pursue it. I’ll work for the humanity, for all the United Nations.”
The poem was inspired in the wonderful Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass
Yours faithfully,


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